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Thank you for reading and studying my website. I try to reply to all sincere emails. However, from time to time,  I do get emails from people who do not appear to be sincere. You may find the notes below helpful in deciding whether it's worth your time to write to me.

  • I will talk to anyone about the articles on this website, as long as they are polite and interested.

  • If you have been fooled into thinking the Earth is flat because NASA faked the Moon Landings and that it hides data and doctors photos, please read the article at this link and do not write to me. Instead, study astronomy, trigonometry and navigation and you will realise you've been fooled.

  • If you are writing to me about my article about Red Ice Radio/Henrik Palmgren and 911 Research, please read articles on these links [1] and [2] in their entirity BEFORE writing to me.

  • Messages with disparaging remarks, insults, comments about the "state of mind" of the people composing the studies or main articles on this website are unlikely to get a response.

  • If you think something on this website is wrong, please provide specific links/text etc of what is wrong, along with corrections - referenced properly where appropriate.

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I have had to add the "rider" below because I have started to get messages making empty statements about "states of mind", paranoia, disinformation people being "a plant" or similar inferences, with no specific evidence referenced and no discussion or reference to the other evidence posted in articles here. Thanks for understanding.

Please note, messages with disparaging remarks, insults, comments about the "state of mind" of the people composing the studies or main articles on this website are unlikely to get a response. If you want a response, you need to address specific evidence or supply specific additional evidence if you want to refute any of the general conclusions posted here. In other words CHECK THE EVIDENCE - I have, as far as I am able. I am genuinely open to new interpretations which are self-consistent and evidence-based - and consistent with the evidence discussed. Below I have included a message I received from a "chemtrail denier", who seems to think ordinary contrails can persist for many minutes and form grids, if you think as illogically as this, below you will see the type of response you can expect (or just read the one below).

Thank you.


Example Message and Response

Here is an example message I received, and my responses to it.

Dear Andrew,

I am surprised you haven't used your scientific training in a proper manner.

If you had, you would have discovered that properly-trained scientists have researched the properties of contrails and the effect on the atmosphere for 56 years.

Their evidence clearly shows that in certain conditions of humidity and temperature contrails may not only persist but grow, and that they they may also create a complete overcast.

You are harming our society.

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Johnson []
Sent: 20 February 2009 00:04
Subject: RE: Contact from CheckEv


Please can you be specific in your criticism of where you think I have

"not used my scientific training in a proper manner."

Please remember, I am perfectly well aware of what causes contrails and that contrails exist and are seen daily. What the data I (and many others have) gathered proves is that "something other than contrails" is also seen (not necessarily daily) in our skies. This video proves this: 

At 0:44 in the above we see (1) a normal contrail, disappearing in the time lapse and (2) a chemtrail x persisting for much longer. Same sky. Same day. Same temperature.

Please can you provide some evidence, directly linked to me or my website which substantiates this serious claim:

> You are harming our society.

Please can you provide the flight numbers for the flights which made this grid over my house on 10th June 2005 at 9:45pm: 

Thanks very much.

Andrew Johnson

PS. It's POSSIBLE you *could* be harming society by making statements not substantiated with evidence about researchers who are simply expressing their conclusions based on data they and others have collected.

The person then responds - DOES NOT ADDRESS SPECIFIC DATA POINTS - and then basically says I have little or no education or understanding.

Sent: 21 February 2009 21:12
Subject: Contact from CheckEv

Dear Andrew, your post was correct up to the point where you wrote “I am perfectly well aware of”.

Then it turns out you aren’t “perfectly aware” of anything. A cursory search of the standard scientific literature on the atmosphere would prove this to you, but somehow you have never gotten round to it, have you?

You may have DATA, but lacking scientific understanding, you have as yet been unable to interpret it. Good luck with that.


From: Andrew Johnson []

Sent: 21 February 2009 21:23


Subject: RE: Contact from CheckEv


Thanks for saying I have no understanding. This is opinion. You have no evidence.

You have addressed NONE of the points I raised. Wilful ignorance of data and evidence proves nothing - it is unscientific. Data comes BEFORE understanding.

I have pointed to data to be explained and you have passed on the opportunity to explain it.

I suspect, by your logic, you cannot exist:

"I do not know what human beings are for, therefore - they can't be real. Humans cannot exist, because we cannot establish their purpose."

Oh and while you're in denial, explain this for me please:

I hope you're happy with the way the future's looking.

Good luck.


Person then says he "doesn't want to waste his time" - having not answered either of the data points I raised and having said I am "harming society", but providing no evidence to back up this opinion. Here's his blog - it's quite interesting what's there - He also suggests that any posts by me on his blog will be flagged as Spam if I don't get "an education" (is that a euphemism for saying posts must agree with his opinion?)

-----Original Message-----


Sent: 21 February 2009 21:13


Subject: Contact from CheckEv

Dear Andrew,

Also, you address me as if I were some automated flight computer. I am not. I’m a retired scientist enjoying the sunshine on a volcanic island in the sub-tropical Atlantic ocean, and I have no intention of wasting my time as you waste yours.

Further posts from you will be flagged as “spam” unless they show some signs that you have committed yourself to a further education. For a start you could read my blog.