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Recently the UK Government published a report about Geo-engineering, which I found out about from this posting:

The URL for the report is: 

I wrote a letter to the e-mail address shown in this report This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to advise them the report was irrelevant (see below).  
The post above makes the following points:
Note closely the references to the UN, to the Royal Society etc. And to 'global warming' etc. Eugenics, oops, 'engineering'. And notice the following from the lunatics behind these chemtrails -

If cloud seeding occurred during a planting season, it would mean the loss of an entire year of production.


A full understanding of impacts may not occur until long after the act occurred.


Specific indictors might use socio-economic indicators (such as income) or human health markers (such as infant mortality).


Publications quoted -

Pidgeon, N F, et al (2009) Deliberating the risks of nanotechnology for energy and health applications in the US and UK.
Nature Nanotechnology, Vol 4, Feb 2009, 95–98; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Nanotechnologies for
the Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Agents & Nanotechnologies for Diagnostics: Summary of Public Consultation Findings
(Swindon: EPSRC, 2008).

Here is the letter I wrote.

From: Andrew Johnson [mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ] 
Sent: 28 April 2010 18:34
To: ' This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it '
Subject: Large Scale Geoengineering Already Employed


Dear Sirs,


I skimmed with interest your recent report:


I am writing to advise you that it is largely irrelevant as you have not included some important data, which can be found in many places, but especially here:


I have collated a "Climate Data Challenge" which must be answered before any policy decisions about the climate can be reliably made.


Heck, who would've ever though that Weather Control Technology was already in use? Who would have thought it was used on 9/11? Almost no one, of course - which is why you have probably never heard about this data before.


Hurricane Erin on 9/11! See below for Path.


Best track positions for Hurricane Erin, September 2001.

Other Links

Resignation Letter of Chris Landsea from IPCC

100 Scientists tell Obama he is wrong.


David Bellamy

Peter Sissons (Retired BBC News anchor man)

Your problem is that is impossible for you to keep up with the vast amount of information available on the web - and people who have their eyes, ears, cameras and video cameras "ready and able" - see below for examples.


I look forward to your sweeping this under the intellectual carpet - whilst others realise its significance and witness, as I have, your credibility dwindle away...


You think anyone takes Hadley CRU seriously anymore? I certainly don't


Keep it real!


Yours Sincerely


Andrew Johnson

22 Mear Drive
DE72 3QW




weather patterns



Note Square Cloud:




Els van Heel.


These didn’t go in the letter, but I decided to add them here for information!







10th May 2010!


Finally, some video from Italy, Texas, April 7 - 2007

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