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Recorded at New Horizons, Lytham St Annes, Mar 25, 2012

Since the late 1970's, NASA's space probes have reached all planets in the Solar System - and Pluto is no longer classed as a planet. Mainstream Astronomy has a view of the Solar System which considers it to be "dead" and "never alive". Since the late 1990's, our access to Image Data from Space Missions has grown considerably. Exploring some of this image data reveals a fair number of things which NASA and ESA seem reluctant to talk about. Some people say there is life on Mars - some of them are scientists who have worked for NASA. This presentation looks at some of the NASA photos and data which suggest there may be life on Mars. In most cases, NASA will not discuss what is shown on some of these photos - discussion and analysis is left to independent researchers. Why would it be left to Ron Bennett to spot small "bug like objects" moving in the soil on Mars? Why do the BBC lie about the way the colour of the Martian sky has been determined? Why is the evidence of liquid water muddled up and covered up? Is there anything to the idea about the Ringmakers of Saturn? In this presentation, Andrew explores some of the compelling evidence and tries to uncover some of the secrets in the Solar System

Thanks to Alex for camera work and initial editing work!

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